Elevated Retreats CO’s mission is to rediscover the joy of movement by using their combined experience in somatic education, therapy and awareness techniques in order to explore how we move and eventually improve that movement so that you can ultimately become the person you were meant to be.​​​​​​​
The Objective: Design a brand package, with the primary logo being a badge style, for an upcoming S-Corp located in Salida, Colorado named ‘Elevated Retreats CO’.  The brand must showcase a nature aesthetic with its colors, style and typeface. 
The Solution: Elevated Retreats CO is located in Colorado, a state best known for the Rocky Mountains and the natural scenery that is found in them. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Colorado for its endless hiking, climbing and mountain biking opportunities. With the mountains being the backdrop of Elevated Retreats CO’s mission, we wanted to incorporate the mountains in the logo. To make the logo memorable, and not just a simple logo with just a mountain, we took inspiration from Mount Shavano, also known as ‘Angel of Shavano’ -  a snow feature that resembles an angel. With this inspiration, the brandmark for Elevated Retreats CO was born.
Process: After brainstorming and deciding to incorporate the ‘Angel of Shavano’ into the logo element, we moved on to logo style - a badge design. Using thick lines allowed for the logo to maintain a 'bold' style with the mountain keeping a more 'rugged' look to go with the nature aesthetic requested in the design brief.
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