Best Kept Boating Secrets is a family of booklets that are designed annually and works as reference guides for those visiting the specific lake the book is created for. Best Kept Boating Secrets originally started as Lake Winnipesaukee’s Best Kept Boating Secrets in New Hampshire over 20 years ago. The ‘Best Kept Boating Secrets’ name has since grown into a family of guides that includes Lake Norman (North Carolina), Lake George (New York) and Lake Lanier (Georgia). Each guide features business that surround the lake or are at least in close proximity. We provide listings for Dining options (both on the water and away from the water), Marine Services, Marinas, Lodging and more. Each guide also features researched content for visitors to read and learn more about the lake they are visiting. In these guides safety on the lake is of the utmost importance. We work closely with the Marine Patrol's for each lake to ensure the information provided in the specified Safety section in the guides is accurate and works as a reliable source to help keep everyone visiting the lake as safe as possible.

Below are a few pages from the Lake Winnipesaukee's Best Kept Boating Secrets guide. You can view the full ebook by clicking the button below.
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